Joining 0xBU

Joining 0xBU is simple, just do any of the following: show up to our weekly meetings, join our mailing list, and join us on Slack (Slack is set up to auto-approve if you use an email address, if you do not have one, please contact us)

0xBU Resources

Some of the stuff that we have on campus in our room (BUILDS, MCS B26) include:

  • An area to hack in, or collaborate
  • A soon to launch internal CTF platform, Scarlet Alert, to practice and learn on
  • A bookshelf full of hacking books
  • Raspberry Pi's to learn ARM, and embedded systems hacking on
  • A distributable Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine pre-installed with an assortment of cyber security tools
  • Windows 7 computers to run some Windows exclusive security tools
  • A repository housing cyber security tools to install from
  • Our asset library consisting of the best resources we could find out there, and anything we've made ourselves

Please either contact us ([email protected]), or stop by BUILDS, MCS B26 if any of these interest you.

0xBU Workshops, and Writeups

Some of the workshops that we've presented, along with their accompanying assets:

We've also written some write ups on previous CTF challenges that we've completed:


You may wish to learn outside of our workshops, and participating in CTFs with us. These are some resources that we believe are good. Don't be overwhelmed - even looking at something listed here once a week is good. We recommend learning through doing, that's why we'd like to see participation in CTFs, and wargames with us. With time, dedication, and effort, becoming an expert can be fun :smile:.



Courses to learn from


Wargames are a fun way to learn. The goal in them tends to be to use some security skill to obtain a "flag", or password to the next level.

Somewhat ordered by difficulty, easiest at the top. Some focus on different things, try them out and see which you find the most fun. There's plenty more not listed here.

These are the most fun, but most challenging: